Bootcamps on Bikepaths: innocent exercise or impending traffic collision?

Some New Farm residents and cyclists are calling on the Brisbane City Council to review licensing around boot camp operators.

The calls were triggered after a confrontation between a cyclist, Dr Adrian Campbell, and a female trainer from Boot Camps Australia.

Dr Campbell described his experience – “I was waiting at the top of Malt St, opposite the Petrie Point apartments, for friends to arrive for a bike ride on Saturday the 21st of September at about 8am”.

“Boot Camps Australia were running a training session for about 20 clients, which seemed to largely consist of intervals running up and down the bike path which runs under the story bridge, to connect with Ivory Lane”.

Take a virtual trip up the bike path here – 


Dr Campbell said, “many of the clients were carrying lumps of wood across their shoulders as loads, helping to almost completely obstruct the bike path. I watched for a few minutes, before calling the trainer over, whose name I don’t know,

“I asked if she had insurance to cover the activity, as I thought it a fair chance that a collision could occur, or whether she had a specific permit to run a business on that public path. She didn’t,

“I pointed out that if one of my surgical friends collided with one of her clients, broke a clavicle and couldn’t work for a month she could be on the wrong end of a very expensive law suit”.

Boot Camps Australia refused to comment on this incident but did confirm they operate with public liability insurance.

Brisbane City Councilor for Central Ward, Vicki Howard, said, “individuals are not prohibited from using our parks for organised informal exercise activities and other recreational uses,

“Encouraging safe usage is important though, and Council’s Compliance Unit can act if any resident is making use of equipment in a park that is inappropriate or unsafe.”

Hear Rhys’, a local booth camp operator, thoughts here – 

photo 4


A grounds man at the Council-owned Brisbane Powerhouse said these types of incidents are not isolated. The grounds man, who did not wish to be identified, said “we’ve got all sorts of trainers coming before and after hours doing all sorts of things like tying ropes between trees across bike paths. They just don’t think.

“Personally, I’d like them to put up some signage to warn people when using that sort of equipment”.

Cr Howard said, “I have not had a published boot-camp location register, or safety signage for boot-camps raised with me before, but I am happy to ask our Council officers to look into whether these might be appropriate measures”.

Hear two Story Bridge cyclists’ thoughts here –

photo 1


Dr Campbell and his supporters believe that whilst this was not an isolated incident, “it would be better not to require council regulation, just simple common sense”.

If you feel that another park user is doing something that is dangerous or inappropriate, call the Brisbane City Council Call Centre on 3403 8888. The call centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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