Week 11: Frocks and things

Well I have come to the end of KJB222 and it’s been a pretty fun ride. Though the one last thing I want to talk about is Frocks. At the beginning of this semester I began my journey into fashion and style journalism (KFB205). For the last 8 years each cohort of KFB205 is challenged to all work together to produce (from scratch) the annual edition of Frock Paper Scissors (FPS).

frock paper scissors

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Bootcamps on Bikepaths: innocent exercise or impending traffic collision?

Some New Farm residents and cyclists are calling on the Brisbane City Council to review licensing around boot camp operators.

The calls were triggered after a confrontation between a cyclist, Dr Adrian Campbell, and a female trainer from Boot Camps Australia.

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Week 8: Instagrammin’ It

The media community, as a whole, love to nark on about twitter and Facebook as a established news medium. It’s no secret. But what about instagram? Tonight as I was making dinner, my 17 year old brother walked in, sat at the table and banged his fist down – “it’s been 3 minutes and I’ve only had 36 likes! He cried”.

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Week 5 & 6: Election 2013

In the last two weeks of this subject we’ve focused on how to monetize innovative use of social media and live blogging platforms. I definitely agree both Simon Holt in that any digital-first news model ‘based off facebook won’t work’ but Spencer Howson is also right in saying ‘twitter is a long-term investment to over 20-somethings as they age’.

So how do we build upon what social media can offer?

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Week 5 Tutorial – Fun with HTML embedding


STORY – (From the Gold Coast Bulletin)

A TEEN who allegedly rammed three police vehicles while leading officers on a two-hour chase through south east Queensland has been denied bail.

The 16-year-old Stockleigh boy, who is facing 15 charges, applied for bail in Southport Magistrates Court today after handing himself in to Coomera Police Station yesterday.

Police will allege he reached speeds of up to 140km h during a two-hour chase that started at Warwick at 10.30am on Sunday when officers sighted a vehicle wanted for an earlier evade police incident.

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